Mehdi Raza

Mehdi is a Customer Service Leader and quality champ. He believes in delivering quality services and customer satisfaction by training employees to Attract Customer Bottom line. Mehdi is Ron Kaufman certified for Achieving Superior Services and Train the Trainer from World Bank Training Programs, he has led customer services teams of top banks such as HBL & MCB. With his illustrious career of over 15 years, Mehdi has assisted a number of banks in developing and enhancing their Customer Service Centers and experiences. An MBA in terms of education and having worked with star brands like HBL & Citibank, Mehdi has an insight into understanding where the customer services may go wrong and develops an insight into the customer services staff for developing exceptional customer services repo with the clients. One of his most significant attributes is his ability to listen, learn and apply – which is difficult to find in veterans of his credentials.

A motivator and speaks to teach – a fast learner and a composed person … these are some of the words that his audience uses to describe him.