People are the back-bone of an organization and therefore, whatever a company does, it is essential to have the right people attained, doing the right job and given the right weaponry to ensure that people succeed in their assignments. Subsequently, Human Resource Management gains significance in terms of exposure and leading the organization to success.

TBC assists organizations in developing their human resources – we call them Human Assets. Our services initiate from analyzing the need of Human Assets, till the time they are taken on board (recruitment), and thereafter, our services move in the direction of grooming them to perform as the best fit in an organization.
Our HR services evolve around people to ensure that people are right fit for the organization.
While working with TBC, our strategic allies – our clients – are assure that they are not just working with an assigned account manager; rather they are the centre of focus and attention of our complete HR unit which comes with experience of multiple subject matters and areas that add value. This is the reason why customers believe when we talk about our multiple services under one roof:
Our human resource services include, but are not restricted to:

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services @ TBC are not just to hire someone in a short span to fill a vacancy – we go beyond. Recruitment @ TBC is about understanding the need of the client, provoking discussion if the vacancy actually exists or is it needed today or it is a futuristic requirement. In the next step, our consultants, thoroughly analyze customer said and unsaid requirements. The requirements are then placed in our in-house built expert system that matches the requirements across thousands of candidates present in our data warehouse. The selected ones are then manually checked for pre-screening. Once done, the candidates are further screened based on our in-house proprietary screening mechanism. And finally some candidates are suggested to the client. Interestingly, this whole process takes as short of a time as we would want to keep our candidates satisfied. This is the reason why customers who taste our services once, are bound to come back to us again.

Our recruitment expertise goes from junior level and temporary staff members to C-level hiring, not just in Pakistan but Middle East and beyond.

Training & Development

Learning & Development (L&D) goes much beyond the traditional mindset of having a training program for the sake of having a fun day. L&D is a highly focused approach that aims at identifying lacking amongst people, filling those gaps and ensuring that skills set desired for filling this gap are enhanced over a period of time. L&D Module of TBC’s HR Services goes much beyond finding training needs and conducting a training program.

We facilitate our valued partners (clients) in following training categories:
– Business Skills: These include Sales, Marketing, IT, Supply Chain, Finance, Creative thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and other business related programs
– Soft Skills: These include Leadership Skills, Time Management, Stress Management, Personal Branding, and other soft skill programs
TBC has subject matter experts as many as twelve industry gurus on board that are known industry professionals of their leagues and areas and conduct training programs for TBC on various national and international platforms.

Third Party Payroll Services

Payroll services are often considered burden to organizational assets and resources. And as the world moves dramatically from the point of generalization to specialization, and modern organizations focusing towards their core processes and functions, many businesses outsource their payroll function into various projects. TBC assists a number of firms across the MEP (Middle East Pakistan) region to outlay this add-on responsibility in an efficient and effective manner. Some of TBC services in this section include, but are not restricted to:

– Outsourcing Payroll Processing (OPP)
In OPP, depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), our services may entail from formation of paychecks, to taxation of employees, health and other benefits calculation and other operational tasks that may take a number of manhours or an expensive system to do the math.

– Outsourcing Employee / Contractual Employees (OE)
In OE, depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), our services may entail from providing a contractual employee to providing a contracted fleet of employees, either on TBC payroll for contract or long term basis.

Third Party Payroll Services has provided numerous benefits to businesses globally; the biggest one being the cost advantage. Within cost, it is not just that cost of calculations or a cost of having someone in the payroll; this is also about the costs related to personnel presence within the organization

HR System Development

TBC is engaged with the client in a comprehensive transformational HR Initiative across the different units of the company.

In the case where your Company is starting up operations and wanting to implement good HR management practices, our Consultants will put in place and operation your Total People Management System. We develop custom portals and designs for your business needs.