The Brand Consultants (TBC) provides a wide array of marketing solutions that assist brands in development, growth, maturity and further growth. Ranging from development of marketing strategy to its execution; from offline to digital promotions, from events to design, and from quality assurance programs to mystery shopping – we have it all … TBC is proud to be one of the few marketing consultancies with a fully operational agency wing, and a dynamic team that takes pride in assisting clients become better than the best. A lot of success for TBC comes from its presence in various array of service and solution sections that allow TBC to leverage one service into another segment.

Our marketing services include, but are not restricted to:

Marketing Strategy

An excellent marketing strategy is foundation and a cornerstone for a huge marketing success. Brands that lack strategy, and work on tactical grounds, often fail in the longer run. TBC has expertise in developing marketing strategy for global brands such as Hitachi, Samsung, etc. Marketing Strategies developed by TBC have helped these brands stretch their portfolio and markets to the highest levels.


Market Research

Decision Making is an art and the most critical function in an organization at all levels, and Market Research is the backbone of decision making; inaccuracy of data can lead to devastating effects on business due to wrongful decision making. Kotler says that 66% of businesses globally fail due to lack of market research or inaccurate data obtained from such researches. TBC specializes in market research, with specialized researchers in all forms of research; focus groups, questionnaire based research, online researches, secondary research, interviews, etc. Our wide range of services, contacts, influencers, reach, etc. are some factors that hugely impact our research accuracy index.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a huge paradigm of marketing in itself – a different domain with expertise. It is neither as simple as just social media post, nor the same as offline marketing. Also it is often assumed that Digital Marketing is the same as Social Media Marketing; however, that is not true. There are various sections within digital marketing; some of our offerings, but not restricted to, include:

  • SMM: Social Media Marketing – utilization of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to facilitate online marketing and sales efforts.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization – a game of using the right keywords to facilitate ‘search engines’ in finding your page
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing – process related to buying keywords to make your website popular amongst searches
  • Email Marketing – process of sending emails to prospect customers/buyers to facilitate marketing and sales efforts. These emails can be sent to your existing customers or to random customers (also known as spamming)
  • SMS Marketing – process of sending SMS to prospect customers/buyers to facilitate marketing and sales efforts. These SMS can be sent to your existing customers or to random customers (also known as spamming). These can either be SENT as a Masked Service (i.e. registering your name with telecommunication authority) or sent via random numbers (also known as spamming)

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is an evaluation of service quality; brands should evaluate their services based on customer experiences. TBC specialized mystery shopping program allows brands to discover their customer experiences. TBC specialized researchers design customized programs for every brand, utilizes global best practices, makes most of our global learning and makes sure that the brand gets best results on its anticipation of mystery shopping activities. Outcome of Mystery Shopping can be utilized on multiple fronts such as product quality, service quality, ambiance, people, and a lot of other complex things.

Brand Guidelines

Standardization is the key to build brands; infact, brands that are not standardized – are not really brands. Standardization really begins with the logo, color, fonts, placement, and a lot more … and these are defined in the Brand Guidelines. One of the most under-rated phenomenon in marketing, brand guidelines are essential to ensure that the brand looks same anywhere and everywhere. Brand Guidelines are a fundamental requirement for franchising and brand building. TBC has developed guidelines for a number of local and international brands across Asia and Africa.


Design Services

Design is about creativity – from concept to idea and delivery. An excellent design service would be exceptionally creative, within the constraints of practicality, availability and budgets as defined by the brand. And the most important aspect is the turnaround time. TBC ensures premium design services that are critical for branding success.

Event Management

From a seminar to a day out – from a five guest event to a thousand guest event – TBC has expertise in providing a fully served event management service … a complete one stop shop that does everything required.