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The Brand Consultants is a renowned name in the business consultancy services industry in Pakistan. Established in 2008, we stand proudly with our ideology that is to create a difference in a manner that cannot be replicated. As a trusted provider of business process outsourcing solutions, The Brand Consultants offers a wide array of services, ranging from Learning & Development, Payroll Outsourcing to Management Services, and Marketing Services. We are dedicated growth enablers for our clients, helping them not only survive and sustain but also thrive in their respective markets. The core of The Brand Consultants lies in constant collaboration and an unwavering vision for expansion with commitment to keeping our clients close and fostering lasting relationships. Our values center around honesty, integrity, strong client relations, and delivering superior customer service. The leadership team at The Brand Consultants is youthful, responsible, visionary, and fully dedicated to achieving tangible results for their clientele. Over the years, The Brand Consultants has navigated through recessions, ups and downs, competition, and significant industry changes. Our true power stems from their unwavering focus on their vision, mission, values, and, above all, our leadership. Welcome to The Brand Consultants, where their expertise and dedication drive business growth and success for their esteemed clients.

The brand consultants

Takes privilege in sharing the most extensive line of services – a one stop
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Our Services

The Brand Consultants is all about developing brands; we take privilege in doing this by means of our training and consultancy services. We believe in being a one-point solution for your business consultancy and training needs.To move forth our philosophy of branding individuals and businesses

Marketing Services

The Brand Consultants (TBC) provides a wide array of marketing solutions that assist brands in development, growth, maturity, and further expansion. Ranging from the development of marketing strategy to its execution; from offline to digital promotions, from events to design, and quality assurance programs to mystery shopping – we have it all.

Management Services

The Brand Consultants (TBC) provides a wide range of management services and solutions that assist organizations in improving their performance on various grounds. Efficacy and Effectiveness are two critical grounds of performance measurement. TBC helps organizations gain efficacy and effectiveness on their operations.

L&D Services

The Brand Consultants (TBC) offers a wide range of learning and development programs for corporate professionals at all levels – because learning doesn’t halt. TBC’s L&D is aimed at maximizing organizational ROI (Return on Investment); subsequently, services are organized in a manner that provide a highly optimal ROI on the investments made on learning and development.


TBC is one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. We offer a wide range of solutions that covers every aspect of brand development and growth. Whether you need help with creating a marketing strategy, promoting your brand offline or online, organizing events, designing materials, or ensuring quality through assurance programs and mystery shopping, we have got you covered. What sets us apart is our fully operational agency wing and a dedicated team that is committed to helping clients exceed their expectations. Our success lies in our ability to seamlessly integrate different services and solutions to maximize result fo all clients

Market Strategy

A strong marketing strategy is crucial for achieving significant marketing success. Brands that do not have a well-defined strategy and solely focus on short term tactics often face failure in the long term. TBC has extensive experience in creating effective marketing strategies for renowned global brands like Hitachi, Samsung and more. The strategic approach devised by TBC has enabled these brands to expand their product offerings and penetrate new markets successfully

Market Research

Decision making is a skill that requires expertise and is of utmost importance in any organization. Market Research plays a crucial role in decision making, as incorrect data can have disastrous consequences for businesses. According to Kotler, 66% of global businesses fail because they lack market research or rely on inaccurate data obtained from such research. TBC specialized in market research and has a team of specialized researchers proficient in various research methods such as focus groups, questionnaries, online surveys, secondary research, and interviews. Our extensive range of services, contacts, influencers, and reach significanly contribute to the accuracy of our research.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses a vast landscape of expertise and techniques that extend far beyond mere social media postings. It is crucial to understand that digital marketing should not be confused with traditional offline marketing practices. While some may assume that digital marketing and social media marketing are synonymous, this is an inaccurate assumption. Within the realm of digital marketing, there exist numerous subsections, some of which we specialize in providing solutions for, including but not limited to:
Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the effective utilization of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, among others, to facilitate online marketing and sales initiatives.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves skillfully incorporating appropriate keywords into your content to aid search engines in discovering and ranking your webpage.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses the process of acquiring specific keywords through paid means with the goal of increasing your website’s visibility among search results.
Email Marketing encompasses the practice of sending targeted emails to prospective customers or buyers as a means of bolstering marketing and sales endeavors. These emails can be distributed either to existing customers or a broader audience (commonly known as spamming).

Mystery Shopping

Evaluating service quality through Mystery Shopping is crucial for brands who wish to gauge customer experiences accurately. TBC offers a specialized mystery shopping program that empowers brands to gain deep insights into their customers’ encounters. Our dedicated team of researchers devises customized programs for each brand, incorporating global best practices and capitalizing on our extensive international experience to deliver exceptional results in the realm of mystery shopping activities. The findings from Mystery Shopping can have far-reaching implications across multiple dimensions such as product excellence, service satisfaction, overall ambiance, staff performance, and a myriad of other intricate factors.

Brand Guideline

Building brands rely heavily on standardization. In fact, brands that lack standardization cannot truly be considered brands. The process of standardization starts with elements such as the logo, color scheme, fonts, and placement, which are all outlined in the Brand Guidelines. Often overlooked in marketing, brand guidelines are crucial for maintaining a consistent brand image across various platforms. They are especially important for franchising and brand development. TBC has successfully created guidelines for numerous local and international brands throughout Asia and Africa.

Design Services

The essence of design lies in its ability to bring forth creativity from initial concept to final delivery. An outstanding design service should possess an extraordinary level of creativity while adhering to practicality, availability, and budgetary constraints as defined by the brand. However, the most significant element is efficiency in completing projects. TBC ensures top-quality design services that play a critical role in achieving successful branding outcomes.

Event Management

TBC excels in delivering top-notch event management services, seamlessly transitioning from organizing educational seminars to planning fun-filled day trips. Regardless of the scale, whether it’s an intimate gathering with just five participants or a grand affair with a thousand guests, TBC is your go-to partner for complete event solutions. With their comprehensive approach, TBC serves as the ultimate destination for all your event requirements, ensuring every aspect is taken care of efficiently and effectively.

Management Services

The Brand Consultants (TBC) specializes in providing comprehensive management services and solutions that enable organizations to elevate their performance across different dimensions. Efficacy and effectiveness are pivotal criteria for assessing performance, both of which TBC helps organizations achieve through its tailored approach. Setting itself apart from other management consultancies, TBC takes pride in its unparalleled breadth of services offered on a global scale, coupled with an agile team committed to empowering clients to surpass excellence. A key driver behind TBC’s success lies in its strategic presence within various service and solution segments, enabling seamless integration and cross-utilization between different offerings. From enhancing operational efficiency to driving organizational effectiveness, our management services encompass a diverse array of capabilities:

Organizational development

Through the utilization of scientific principles and expertise in organizational development, TBC plays a pivotal role in supporting organizations’ growth and transformation. By offering ISO certified templates for strategies, structures, job profiles, and job descriptions, TBC assists organizations in enhancing their capacity for change and achieving optimal effectiveness. With a focus on building stronger systems, TBC’s services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization.

SOP & Manuals

Having Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and Manuals in place prevents any role or responsibility conflicts, minimizes the likelihood of errors, promotes standardization, and simplifies the lives of everyone involved. TBC excels in creating SOPs and manuals that adhere to ISO certified templates and patterns, guaranteeing not only organizational standardization but also incorporating global best practices.

Recruitment and Selection

Hiring the right person for a job goes beyond just onboarding employees in an organization. It involves finding the perfect fit between the employee, employer, and company culture. TBC takes this process seriously by assigning a specialized key-account-manager to all strategic partners (clients). These managers deeply analyze each partner’s organization, culture, and dynamics to ensure that these factors are considered when selecting candidates for positions.

Outsource Employee Services

By outsourcing employee services (OES), also known as PEO and EOR in different regions, TBC takes responsibility for managing employees as if they were its own. This means that employees who are outsourced to TBC will be included in TBC’s payroll system and treated as regular TBC employees. The primary focus of TBC is to ensure compliance with local labor laws and provide comprehensive employment benefits for the outsourced staff. TBC’s primary focus is on providing top-notch services to outsourced employees by adhering to local labor laws and effectively managing all employment benefits.


TBC specializes in providing comprehensive IT solutions for HR services, including employee record maintenance, attendance management, and internal communication. To ensure efficient service delivery, TBC has strategic investments in various IT firms operating within the TBC network. Additionally, our skilled professionals are adept at developing customized portals and designs that align perfectly with your organization’s needs.

HR & Management Audit

The HR department serves as a central hub within an organization, with all other departments relying on them for various functions and operations. It is crucial to ensure that they are performing their tasks effectively. To achieve this, specialized HR Audit programs have been designed and implemented to evaluate the performance of the HR department. TBC has successfully conducted audits for both local and multinational organizations, resulting in process improvements across the board.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys measure the level of enthusiasm and dedication employees have towards their work and the organization. It goes beyond employee satisfaction as it also considers the discretionary effort employees put into their tasks. To ensure employee commitment, organizations should regularly conduct these surveys. TBC, a specialized product of TBC, has successfully conducted employee engagement surveys across different sectors worldwide.

Learning & Development Services

At The Brand Consultants (TBC), we recognize that learning never stops, especially for corporate professionals. That’s why we offer a diverse range of learning and development programs at all levels. Our goal is simple: to help organizations achieve the highest possible return on their investment in training and development initiatives. With a wide array of services available globally, TBC stands out as one of the leading management consultancies. Our dedicated team takes great pride in assisting clients in surpassing their own expectations. By leveraging our expertise across different service segments, we ensure that our learning and development solutions are comprehensive and effective for all our clients’ needs.

TNA Assistant

Training Need Assessment, also known as Training Need Analysis, is a crucial step in the learning and development process. It involves understanding the needs of both the business and its employees. By connecting competencies to these requirements and needs, evaluating the current competency structure, and building it up to the required level (or even beyond), TBC specializes in objective instrumental and subjective observational TNA. This ensures that the correct evaluation of need and requirements is achieved.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are an essential aspect of one’s character, aiding employees in effectively engaging with others and establishing connections. These skills, including stress management, emotional intelligence, time management, and communication, are valuable in all aspects of life as they primarily focus on behavioral training programs. TBC boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced trainers who have positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals. Each TBC trainer possesses a minimum of 10 years of corporate experience and is considered an industry expert because we firmly believe that experience is vital in delivering the appropriate message.

Business Skills Training

The success of middle and higher-level management operations heavily relies on the mastery of business skills across both strategic and tactical domains. These critical skills encompass a wide range including business analytics, strategic thinking, critical thinking, strategic marketing, customer relationship management, marketing intelligence, sales analysis, derivatives trading, financial markets comprehension among others. Acquiring a deep understanding of these areas is vital for effective decision making. At TBC, we take pride in our highly qualified trainers who bring with them extensive corporate experience spanning over a decade each. Their expertise has made a significant difference in the lives of numerous individuals as we firmly believe that delivering the right message requires real-world industry knowledge.

Technical Skills Training

Operational employees rely heavily on technical skills such as web development, Microsoft Office proficiency, graphic design, and project management. These skills are indispensable for their role within the company. TBC takes pride in its team of specialized trainers who have extensive qualifications and experience. They have positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals. Each trainer at TBC possesses a minimum of 10 years of corporate experience and is considered an industry expert. This emphasis on experience ensures that the trainers effectively communicate the necessary information.

Youth Development Programs

TBC distinguishes itself as one of the few management consultancies that proactively invests in society through active Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. A significant aspect of our contribution revolves around empowering the youth. TBC’s senior management commits their time to mentoring young individuals by providing guidance on various aspects such as career advancement, life strategies, personal growth programs, self-branding techniques, grooming tips, and more. These impactful programs are primarily conducted in educational institutions and community centers and have positively impacted thousands of individuals.

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TBC is a team of dedicated professionals with proven delivery records.


We work with a wide range of clientele from different sectors, both local and international.Our clientele is a diversified combination of several industries - both local and international - coming from various Asian countries.


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Training Programs

TBC is a team of dedicated professionals with proven delivery records.


Build your careers with THE BRAND CONSULTANTS. We provide unparalleled career growth and learning opportunities.


The brand consultants

At The Brand Consultants (TBC), we recognize that learning never stops, especially for corporate professionals. That’s why we offer a diverse range of learning and development programs at all levels. Our goal is simple: to help organizations achieve the highest possible return on their investment in training and development initiatives. With a wide array of services available globally, TBC stands out as one of the leading management consultancies. Our dedicated team takes great pride in assisting clients in surpassing their own expectations. By leveraging our expertise across different service segments, we ensure that our learning and development solutions are comprehensive and effective for all our clients’ needs.

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